ACCEPTED! Troop Chris Hand's Request to join .:C7:. Clan

Troop Extreme

Steam Users
Local time
Today 9:28 AM
Apr 10, 2012
Member Name: Troop Chris Hand

Did you read the rules on the first page?: Yes

Were you ever in our .:C7:. Clan before?: This is my first time Joining

If We Accept You Would you be interested in a Particular Clan Job?: No Thanks I just want to hang out

What type of Gamer are you?: EVERYDAY!

What types of video games do you like to play?: Action, First Person Shooters, Action Adventure, Role Playing Games (RPGs), Strategy, Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Racing

Are you up-to-date with new releases?: Im only up-to-date in the games Im really into

How do you fare playing online?: I LOVE playing online

Where do you get most of your games?: I buy them at popular game stores

How Would You Rate Your Computer Skill Level?: Advanced

Which Messengers do you prefer to use the most?: MSN

Do you use any Social Networks?: Facebook, Twitter

How did you hear about us?: Steam Community, Game Server, YouTube

IP Address:

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