Ultraman (2019)

Do you like the new Ultraman series on Netflix?

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ウルトラマン (Urutoraman) is a 2019 3DCG anime series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Production I.G based on the manga series, ULTRAMAN. It will be released worldwide in Spring 2019 via Netflix. The series is also dubbed in English.

Netflix rates the show '13+' (formerly 16+), hence viewer discretion is advised.



In this world, there once was a figure called the Giant of Light. After completing his mission, he had gone back to his homeland. He had erased all memories relating to him, giving humans the peace they once had. The story is based on a world where the Giant of Light is now the past.

The high schooler, Shinjiro Hayata, notices that he has “special powers”. Unbelievable jumping skills, strength well over humans, and a body too powerfully built were just enough for him to realize he is not “normal”.

One day, he finds out that his father was once Ultraman. Shinjiro who has inherited those genes is one of the few who can wear the Ultra Suit.

I will say this straight up – I want you to become Ultraman.







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Martin Weltchek

Martin Weltchek

Everyone shits!

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