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Hey guys whats up, I am new to these forums and tend to follow the rules and get along great with the members on these forums tell the very end.
Alright now that I am down with the kiss up lets get down to business on the subject that I am about to explain to you admins/members/staff.

Day I- I start the day normal joining the Coz-World zombie master 1.1.3 server at like 8am, and start to play for hours on end and having fun with everyone tell after dust I join the server again and we are playing zm_redqueen and this dude on the server named, ''Asshole'' (no lie thats his name) joins the server and we start to play normaly and then soon after he starts to mess around and take the key card and throwing it into spawn b4 the door closes. and if you want to know how he did this was by taking a barrle and put it in the way of the door and when the door was about to close it would stop becuase of getting blocked by the barrle and soon after he would take the barrle and throw it making the door shut all the way down. he did this like 3 times tell map changed. but B4 he did it the 3rd time I called him a WIGGER (wigger) twice and then I got gagged by the admin. Soon I said sorry and please forgive my stupid actions. So of course the admin said ok and everything was alright tell an hour later I got kicked/banned for racism even know I said sorry and please forgive me.

Day II- Alright I thought I was banned just for a day but NO I was not

Day III- Alright I tried to go to the website after signing up to be a member on the forums to see the website under contruction

Day IV- I returned, and made this thread

and if you dident get it ill sum it up to you simple.
A guy named asshole came into the server started messing around and got people pissed off and then I said, ''Wigger'' twice to him for being a jerk to all the players. END

ps- the 2nd reason why I said WIgger was because, some other guys said it too.


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Chances are you got banned for racism, which means a permanent ban. For future reference wigger can be considered racist.

At the dark1's request I am locking the topic to prevent flaming Coz will reply when he gets the chance.


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I was the one that banned you and you used a racist slang term more then once and I was watching you and I have a log of everything you typed!

We do not allow Racism of any kind on any of our servers be this a joke or especially of a serious nature!

Sorry but hopefully this will be a lesson to you!

We don't have to lower our server's rules to accommodate adolescent behavior nor do we feel it necessary to waver or allow racist terms or slang of any kind!

But either way if you do get unbanned please refrain from any type of racist sorts of gang chat that would be most appreciated!

Thank You!


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Dec 31, 1969
unrealhomicide you are being unbanned along as you know that racism is not tolerated at all in any circumstance. this was determined by a jury of con sitings of a C7 leader, officer, and a enlisted.
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