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Jul 27, 2012
unbaan request:eek:bsidian conflict

#1. Why do you think you got banned?
cause, i was really angry cause of all the things that happened with me on my life, and i was angry with almost everything, i say'd things that i should not cause of that, and when the night on the server camed it was still day for me, and when i asked why, synapse say'd: ''sorry i was testing''(probaly with other thing, but i thinked he was an admin testing commands) and someone stoled my dropped sniper from my corpse soo i exploded , when i finally found who stoled it he were going to buy ammo soo he could drop it i was in the door i was waiting to he give me the sniper again but i didnt see that it was already night(for me it was still day, probaly an bug) and wee booth died when the it was sunshine synapse or his other name rachel alucard runned for the pawnshop(were i and the player died) soo i through he robbed it, and i that time i turned into an real JERK and i call my self idiot for that, soon i anoyed people and the ban vote started and i really admit i was like a little angry kid there.

#2. What server were you on? What admin do you believe banned you? What admins were there playing? Was this a Player Votes?
i were on the obsidian conflict server, it was player votes.
Steam Username:tirasangue
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:39606688

#3. Why should you be unbanned?
Cause i know that i did bad, and wont repeat it, everything that happened with me i actually bring on the server all the angry that i had, cause i know that that server is not mine and i cannot do or say anything that desrespect players or something that is against the rules, and i really should respect more the others players and play in team, and will never do something against the rules or like what i did, and now i know that this is not my server and i cannot ever do something like that in a server and in life. and i know what i did i just want another chance to play on the best server i already played , and i know that what i did is wrong and if admins decide that i need to be temp-banned or baneed i will acept it, but give me another chance even if i be 7 weeks temp-banned and i am sorry for the players i were with , and sorry for everything i did.

#4. A written statement that you will refrain from doing anything that will get you banned again.
I Bruno martins fadiga promise that i wont be a jerk, annoy people or ever do anything against the rules, and if i ever do anything like that again you can ban me from all Coz servers cause​
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I visited your obsidian conflict server on June 9, 2012 around 11:20pm est and was banned by some trolls as soon as I joined. Here is a copy of my console log.

[SFU]Malecoda has joined the game
CMaterial::PrecacheVars: error loading vmt file for models/props_lab/monitor_lost
CMaterial::PrecacheVars: error loading vmt file for models/props_lab/radio_sheet_off
Redownloading all lightmaps
adiosToreadora : brasil?
Resetting bonemerge on Player, but its already merged!
[SM] No timelimit for map
[SFU]Malecoda : timeleft
adiosToreadora : voteban
adiosToreadora : u not brasil
Sozial : VOTEBAN
adiosToreadora : i ban u
[VoteBan] Sozial voted to ban [SFU]Malecoda
[VoteBan] Votes required 1/5
[VoteBan] adiosToreadora voted to ban [SFU]Malecoda
[VoteBan] Votes required 2/5
[SM-RADIO] Welcome [SFU]Malecoda, this server is running SourceMod Radio
[SM-RADIO] Type in chat !radio to bring up the radio menu, or !radiooff to switch the radio off
adiosToreadora : ahuheuheuhauhuehsuehsaue
Kenruler : vao
(TEAM) adiosToreadora : shayushaeuhasuehas
adiosToreadora : uhsuaehsuaehsuehsauehsu
Kenruler : voteban
(TEAM) adiosToreadora : ayaseuahsuehsueh
[VoteBan] Kenruler voted to ban [SFU]Malecoda
[VoteBan] Votes required 3/5
adiosToreadora : ushaeuhsauehsauehasueha
(TEAM) adiosToreadora : ahyuashuehauehasu
Sebasterbator : voteban
adiosToreadora : husaehuashedsuheuasheus
El Cunto : voteban
[VoteBan] Sebasterbator voted to ban [SFU]Malecoda
[VoteBan] Votes required 4/5
adiosToreadora : husaheusheuahsuehsaush
Disconnect: You have been banned by players votes.
Disconnect: You have been banned by players votes.

What you did was considered racist banning anyone that was not Brazil! But I accept your apology but know this our servers are for everyone from any country and we respect people just the same....

The website here is set for people to express what they need if there is a concern as malecoda did when he asked us for help because he is a regular on our server and did not appreciate you ganging up on him with your friends and getting him banned like you did...

Anyways your bans lifted just be nice to people as you would like to be treated!

Thank you for requesting an unban!
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