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Since it seems increasingly popular for people to make unban request topics, I've made this forum that purpose. If you've been banned from one of our games, you may post a request for unban here. It will be reviewed by our administrators, but posting here is definitely not a sure fire way to get unbanned. More likely than not, your ban will remain instated, however, this is a venue for you. When posting here, however, you must observe several guidelines or your request will be denied and you will not get a chance to restate your case.

When making a post, please include the following. In fact, you can even copy/paste this and use it as a template. In fact, you are required to copy and paste and use this template, or face immediate deletion of your post. We will not unbanning people from games that are hosted by individuals. If you are banned on someone's private Cardfight Capital, Mitadake High or Witches' Chess server, deal with it. (Any official server is a different story, though).

Information to post for unban request
  1. Game you are banned from:
  2. Steam ID, Friend Name, Minecraft Name:
  3. Reason you were banned:
  4. The length of the ban, if you know:
  5. Who banned you, if you know:
  6. Why we should unban you:
If you have nothing to do with when or why this person got banned, DO NOT POST HERE. Administrators/moderators who observed the incident are encouraged to post, especially if they did the banning. By default, administrators are under no obligation to explain anything to you. This applies doubly for me. If I had to ban you, I will most likely instantly deny your unban request. Your post may/may not be moved to a private staff forum for discussion after the topic is made.

An administrator may/may not reply to your unban request for any reason. Engaging in any sort of childish activity in this forum will be responded with very negatively. This is meant to be a venue for people who can show at least a little intelligence to plead their case and make amends. Please do not falsify any information you state. Especially, please be honest with why you were banned. If you cannot at least be honest about the reason you are banned, it is unlikely we can trust you to be honest about your pledge to change your ways. If your post has not been responded to within a certain amount of time (try to give the moderators a chance to at least READ your post) then you may bump your post -1- time, DO NOT constantly spam the Thread with useless posts.

It is not acceptable to request to be unbanned on the grounds that you claim someone else is at fault. Be they your sister, your brother, your mother, you father, your pet, a hacker, a cracker, a snacker, a jiggy, a demon, a witch, or any other fantasy your mind cooks up and thinks will fool us. I have been on the internet for longer than is socially acceptable to admit. I have heard every excuse. I am not interested in excuses, I am interested in change.

Do not repost if your request has been denied.

Thank you.

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