Server Updates Upgrading Server OS and Installing new SSD Drive! (1 Viewer)

I finally got a copy of Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition 64bit and Purchased a new SSD

At the moment we are using Server 2008 Standard 64bit

I decided to do a clean wipe instead of an upgrade! I already backed everything up as far as network settings and key configurations.

The website and game servers are located on another drive so they won't be affected but will most likely be down a 3-5 hrs...

I am using the Crucial MX300 SSD for the new installation of Windows Server 2016, once I am done installing it and upgrading it I'll have to set all the network settings then once everything has been set I want to move the website to the main hard drive to see if it's faster than the RAID system.

I am very grateful and thankful to @KilRoy for helping me with this upgrade!

I plan on doing this either Saturday, 10-21-2017 or Sunday, 10-22-2017

Amazon product
Specs and information on the Crucial MX300 Solid State Drive

Instant performance that lasts
Increase the speed, durability, and efficiency of your system for years to come with the Crucial MX300 SSD. Boot up in seconds and fly through the most demanding applications with an SSD that fuses the latest 3D NAND flash technology with the proven success of previous MX-series SSDs. Your storage drive isn’t just a container, it’s the engine that loads and saves everything you do and use. Get more out of your computer by boosting nearly every aspect of performance.

Micron quality - A higher level of reliability
As a brand of Micron, one of the largest flash storage manufacturers in the world, the Crucial MX300 is backed by the same quality and innovation that has produced some of the world’s most advanced memory and storage technologies. With over a thousand hours of prerelease validation testing and hundreds of SSD qualification tests, the Crucial MX300 has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven. You’ll notice the difference.




Instantly improve system performance
The Crucial MX300 reaches read speeds up to 530 MB/s and write speeds up to 510 MB/s* on all file types so you can boot up almost instantly, reduce load times, and accelerate demanding applications with ease. Plus, our Dynamic Write Acceleration technology uses an adaptable pool of high-speed, single-level cell flash memory to generate blistering speeds throughout the drive’s long life.

Over 90x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive**
Extreme Energy Efficiency technology within the Crucial MX300 reduces the amount of active power usage that’s consumed by the drive. The Crucial MX300 extends your laptop’s battery life by using only 0.075W of power, compared to a typical hard drive which uses 6.8W.

Entrust your files to a drive that lasts
With an endurance rating of up to 220TB total bytes written, the Crucial MX300 is engineered with Micron 3D NAND to deliver years of fast performance. The 3D NAND leverages larger NAND cells to improve performance and prolong endurance.

Protect your data with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, RAIN technology, Exclusive Data Defense technology, and the durability inherent in SSD design.



Keep your system cool
In addition to lower active power usage, Adaptive Thermal Protection technology dynamically adjusts storage component activity. This helps keep your system cool and minimizes the risk of damage caused by overheating.

Boost drive performance by up to 10x with Crucial Storage Executive***
This downloadable tool is easy to use and helps monitor and enhance the performance of your Crucial MX300 – update to the latest firmware and enable the Momentum Cache feature in Storage Executive to instantly improve burst performance.


Note: 1GB equals 1 billion bytes. Actual useable capacity may vary.

*Based on the published specs of the 525GB model. Speeds based on internal testing. Actual performance may vary.

**Active average power use comparison based on published specs of the 750GB Crucial MX300 SSD and the 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue WD10EZEX internal hard drive, which, as of January 2016, is one of the industry’s top-selling internal hard drives. All other capacities of the Crucial MX300 SSD have comparable active average power consumption specs, with the exception of the 2050GB version of the drive, which consumes 0.15W.

***Validated by testing included in the 'Enhance Burst Performance on Micron and Crucial SSDs Using Momentum Cache' whitepaper.
Martin Weltchek

Martin Weltchek

Everyone shits!
Server upgrade Completed! Didn't go so smoothly as planned! Tried to install Windows Server 2016 from a thumb drive because I removed the DVD Burner a few years back because it was failing caused the server to reboot and I forgot to get a new one! Anyways I took the server home worked on it all night and this morning! I really think Microsoft got their shit together am completely blown away at how clean it looks and how much easier it is to swap and add tools and features!

It looks just like the latest Windows 10 build! You can even install a GUI free version use it just like Linux and I hated it because I installed that version first how horrid no GUI was a pain decided I love GUI...

Anyways I moved the Xampp folder from the Game Server Raid system over to the Main Drive because it's SSD and wanted to see if it helps with load times and keeping the Database in tip top shape performance wise!

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