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Profile Cover Images are Cool?

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I added this resource about a year ago only a few members are using it!

What does this add-on do?

Profile Covers will allow covers to be set at various locations throughout your XenForo board. It allows for a large amount of customization to allow for every user to express themselves.

  • Supports static and animated images
  • Allows users to set a color for their cover with or without an image
  • Upload or download an image from a URL
  • Permissions to control whether a user can upload images or choose a color, and size of cover
  • Full cropping of covers and proper display on every page
  • Options to control the maximum dimensions, image quality, and colors available for selection
  • Zero queries and high performance kept in mind so multiple covers can be displayed at once without issue
  • Cover editor for modifying and choosing what your cover will look like
  • Transparent images and colors can be mixed together
  • Set default image and colors for users without a cover
  • Integration of covers on user profiles, and resources (more coming soon!)
  • Covers can easily be integrated into custom locations with minimal coding
  • Moderation and logging support for approval of cover images
  • Huge amount of helpers to allow displaying covers on any page
  • Choose which colors users can select with ease
  • Uniform cover editor so no changes between locations when editing a cover
  • Custom covers can easily be coded in, allowing for a limitless amount of cover locations and targets

Obviously you can upload a static image or animated gif image or just choose a color you prefer!




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