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WWAUT - No Time For A Bevy Lads

Hello everyone!

Lockhart is back, and it seems his problems are never ending. Last you saw him in Killing Floor 1, you had helped him launch away to his airship. Now, having followed him, you find the sky a most dangerous place, and not just because you need to help keep the Queen Victoria running!

As the story unfolds, mercenaries will be tasked with several objectives as part of our first Objective style Survival map, featuring new objectives types: Weld & Repair and Operate & Control!

We are also pleased to announce the next Official Community map: Lockdown from Rewire

Waking up from Cryosleep [Technology Trademarked by Horzine BioTech], you find yourselves on a ship orbiting a planet near a red giant. The zeds aboard the ship have already caused mayhem on every single compartment. Eliminate the ZED threat before they tear the ship's hull to pieces.

And for those players who enjoy Endless we have some tweaks coming your way for the solo zed waves. Scrake and Fleshpound waves will be a bit more manageable as the wave counter goes up while the clot legion has found renewed vigor.

To the skies mercs!
Martin Weltchek


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