WWAUT - Reading Over The Naughty List

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WWAUT - Reading Over The Naughty List


WWAUT - Reading Over The Naughty List
By "Yoshiro"
November, 30 2017
TripWire forum News: https://goo.gl/iTPB8z

As the end of the year approaches, only one real question remains: Who has been naughty? This may be more important that you think, because Robo-Santa is back and he’s brought some new friends to his yearly “Naughty List Appreciation Celebration”, where he checks off his list of everyone who has annoyed him... and end them. To better start off the new year with a clean slate to be sure!

Well it seems he’s already started on this years plan by heading North, way North, no, not that far North. Welcome to the new and improved “Krampus’ Lair”, where Santa's elf-napped elves have been put to work for a far more nefarious purpose.


Mercenaries have been tasked to infiltrate the festive facility and put an end to its newfound overlord. You see, Robo-Santa has instructed his new minion, Krampus, to upgrade his lair in preparation for these holiday plans (Don’t worry, Robo-Santa and and Hans will show up as well!).

And it seems Krampus has left a few words for you to ponder in well... let us call it his audition tape:


dc96ddacadabc2cad24037175b640405f7f3bab4 (1).jpeg

While exploring this chipper environment, players will encounter not just the new “stand your ground” for some extra trader dosh, but some jovial new Seasonal objectives as well. Those who complete them will find a brand new set of pajamas waiting for them!


Our goal is to have this new content (including: The new seasonal event, 2 new weapons, a new map and a new Boss) in player hands for a full release December 12 along with other quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. However, players who wish to join an opt-in beta next week on December 5th will have first look at almost everything this update holds. For those who chose to join us, please let us know if you encounter any issues so we can work to address them before the full rollout.

Oh, and one final thing. It seems some of the twisted creatures have sent along a few audition tapes of their own for you to “enjoy”.
First up is the Gingerfast:


And if that doesn’t get you in the holiday mood, maybe this Elf work boss will:


Krampus favorite song,


Martin Weltchek

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