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Dec 11, 2009
Now that I have a xbox I want to make a shortlist of games that I want to buy in the near future.

Together with Widevirus I came to this list:
- Halo Reach
- Red dead redemtion
- Fable 3
- Boderlands
- Mafia 2
- GTA 4
- Left for death 2
- Deadmen rising
- Cod MW 2
- Far Cry
- Dragon Ace: Origin
- Fallout Vegas
- Oblivion

Comments? Advise?


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- Halo Reach Yes
- Red dead redemption Yes
- Fable 3 Yes
- Borderlands Maybe - Somewhat interesting but repetitive has a rpg feel to it in a way power ups and weapon enhancements
- Mafia 2 Yes - Nicely made Mafia Simulator
- GTA 4 NO - Well it will keep you busy rather not recommend it as it will steel you away!
- Left for death 2 NO - PC Version Better plus no mods on Xbox
- Deadmen rising NO - Bah should I say it's a lot like L4D2 or is it the other way around?
- Cod MW 2 NO - Absolutely DO NOT BUY they made a new one play that instead!
- Far Cry NO - Out dated kill ransack and kill again gets repetitive
- Dragon Age: Origin - Maybe Well it is made by Bioware who made NeverWinter Nights and Knights of the old republic!
- Fallout Vegas NO - PC Version better probably mods for it later on!
- Oblivion maybe only if you get it really cheap!
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Sep 26, 2010
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i have almost all of those and Red dead redemption gets repetitive but is good as long as u have a friend with for multiplayer, Fable 3 is good for a play tough or 2 once being good and once being evil, boderlands was good but i didnt care for the add on packs the one for more levels got SUPER repetitive and i stopped playing after that but the online for the original is good Mafia 2 single palyer only so its good for a play though and some alone goofing around GTA4 AMAZING game endless hours of online play if u like messing around and goofing off and u must get Ballad of gay tony for GTA 4 it makes the game EVEN BETTEr Left for dead 2 amazing game love online play as long as the others have mics so u can communicate dead rising was fun and has a pretty good lengthly story to it but also single player COD MW2 it would be what u expect for the top multi player first person shooter =) enjoy yours games but my top fav is Forza 3 cuz im a car nut and love racing

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